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Change Summary

17-0922-2302 Support for TrapKAT V5; fixes for kitname handling

16-0302-2023 Foot Controller and Sound Control updates.

15-1220-2329 Fix minor display error in kit overwrite confirmation

15-1220-1802 Fix to V3 sound control editing following on from the fix below!

15-1218-2238 Fix to V4 sound control editing.

15-0906-1821 "Version 1.00"! Migrated to GitHub for updates and help. Fixed checking for updates and launching browser on Linux. Also added warranty and licence info.

15-0127-1304 Minor fix to editing kit name (some more fall-out; resulted in a bit of an improvement to the code, which was nice).

14-1231-2158 Fix to switching note display modes (collateral damage from previous update...)

14-1223-2237 Hopefully a final end to the nasty bug in Windows where the lower part of the display stopped updating - but may be buggy elsewhere (due to rewriting a lot).

14-1114-2003 More tooltips, more undo/redo and, as ever, a few "tweaks".

14-1104-2158 Tooltips and Undo/Redo are the highlights, along with sundry bug fixes.

14-1012-1439 Pasting or Swapping a pad into a kit will check if it needs to be set to Various (and ask).

14-1006-2105 Remember location on screen. Swapping pads now gets LinkTo right on V4 kits and does a fair job with hi-hat pads.

14-0929-2123 Fix update checker some more. Fix Pad24 colour. Fix pad flag 7 for hi-hat setting. Some more work on kit and pad swaps. Prettify Global panel

14-0928-2020 Several small - but handy - changes. Most usefully on swap kit and pad.

14-0922-2201 Highlight current pad; highlight Edit-Swap if there's something ready to swap and clear the clipboard after a swap; internal bits...

14-0916-1214 Fixed a third, rather small but important bug: the auto-update checker was not being run!

14-0916-1051 Fixed two bugs: writing Kit Dumps was broken; cut-n-paste Kit also did not work

14-0907-1322 Wrote the preferences system (replacing the JVM default one - avoids the Windows Registry)

14-0901-2002 Added the Edit menu (which I'd forgotten about...)

14-0825-2114 Added the Global tab

14-0824-1931 Fixed a rather large breakage of keyboard navigation

14-0819-1812 Mostly time wasted but some additional controls now work

14-0804-2248 Completed pad editing

14-0803-1716 fixed various bugs...

14-0802-1845 displays kits

14-0720-1822 seems to have sneaked out without much mention, if at all

14-0712-2154 was the first somewhat "controlled" release with its own web page

Initial development (and the old C# version) are covered over on the AlternateMode forum thread. The thread also has a few more random thoughts as I go along, too.