What is it?

jTrapKATEditor is a full-featured, cross-platform Sysex Dump editor for SysEx dumps ("AllMemory", "Kit" and "Global"). It works with dumps from V3 and V4 TrapKATs. (I think the V5 dump format is the same as V4, so that should also work.)

What can it do?

As well as simply loading and allowing you to edit the settings for your TrapKAT from the comfort of your computer (rather than having to press pedals and hit pads), the editor provides a number of additional tools.

Pads and pad edit detail view

Just want to run it?

The download is here: jTrapKATEditor.jar.

Need help?

The program has F1 or Help->Contents... help available online. If you want to ask something not covered, please drop in over at the AlternateMode forum topic (registration required).


You may have been aware of my previous TrapKAT SysEx editor and be wondering why I chose to write another, almost identical one. It does seem slightly mad...

The primary reason is that the old version only really ran successfully on Windows and apparently people use other operating systems. The old version ran on Microsoft's .Net virtual machine, which they had hoped would be a competitor to the Sun/Oracle Java virtual machine. Unfortunately, apart from one poorly supported project, no one else was interested and Microsoft had no interest in promoting operating systems other than Windows.

So, the new version runs on the Java virtual machine (JVM). The JVM is available for all major computer operating systems - but iOS and Android devices will require another rewrite and ChromeOS devices are not likely to be supported.

It is written in a language called Scala that, fortunately, had enough similarities to C# I got started in it very quickly and gave me another programming language...

How do I get it?

Compiled program

If you are a "normal user" who just wants to get on and edit their SysEx files, you probably just want to download from the link below.

The download is here: jTrapKATEditor.jar.

Source code

Want to see how I did it? With any luck, tell me how bad my Scala is and what I could do better? Please do!

Github project.

Change History

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