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This is an initial release to get feedback. I am particularly looking for feedback from non-Windows users. I have a Windows machine and a Linux machine, so whilst I particularly need to hear from Mac users, all input is appreciated.

I would also like to hear from people with the V3 ROM as I only have a limited amount of test data (i.e. what I saved before upgrading).

The program includes a feature to check online for new versions once a day. I do recommend turning on this preference so you get to hear as soon as possible about fixes and updates.

Current status

The new preferences system is now complete. On all platforms, preferences are stored in an XML text file. The location is platform dependent. On Windows, it is "%APPDATA\Peter L Jones\jTrapKATEditor.xml". On Linux, it is "$HOME/.peter_l_jones/jTrapKATEditor.xml". I am not entirely sure where it will end up on MacOS.

As ever, if you do spot something wrong, get in touch.